Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 11, 2013 ~ Car in the Mud

We were sitting on the sofa playing with Billy's wooden car carrier truck and the four little wooden cars that go with it.

I would show a picture but he wasn't wearing pants at the time.

Anyways, he had discarded the truck and was pushing the cars around on the sofa He shoved a few of them into the crack between the cushions.

"Mommy, the cars are stuck in the mud."

Okay, so the crack is the mud. I tried to "rescue the cars" for him, but he wanted to do it.

The cars had to cross the mud, but they kept getting stuck.

So the car carrier came to the rescue. He loaded all of the cars onto the car carrier and it carried them all to safety.

So, he made up a story, created a problem, and then found the solution.

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