Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 29, 2013 ~ Let's Paint a Picture

There was no way I was going to *take* a picture, so let's paint one instead.

In the middle of dinner Billy said to me, "Mommy I have to pee" just as I heard a loud gushing sound.

No worries! I brought spare clothes this time! Only, they were damp from a spilled sippy cup in the bag. Damn! But I Was in luck! Threw them into Grandma's dryer. Only problem was, Billy had to sit around without clothes for 20 minutes.

So, picture this:

Billy, in a yellow sweater that's too big for him with nothing on his bottom half. He wanted to wear shoes, so he put on Grandma's tennis shoes- on the wrong feet. Then he walked around the kitchen that way, dragging a stuffed elephant in a beer box through a sea of spilled newspapers that he had created.

And that folks, is a worth AT LEAST a thousand words.

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