Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 27, 2013 ~ Mow the Snow

A day late and a dollar short...

It snowed this weekend. Finally! Billy has been itching to go play in the snow. What he really wants is to go sledding. He has a book about sledding. And Grandpop gave us a sled. But, alas, you can't sled on grass.

Well, it wasn't enough snow for sledding, but at least it didn't rain immediately after, so we were able to go out and play.

Billy opted to wear his new hat. This one matches his pink hat, only I haven't made ears for it yet. As you can see, sans ears it still works as a hat.

He insisted even before we went outside that he fetch his lawn mower.

He wanted to "mow the snow". He mowed until his little nose turned red.

Then we went inside for hot chocolate.
He's had hot chocolate before and didn't really take to it, since he doesn't really like anything warm or hot. I am often putting food in the freezer to make cold whatever I just heated up. But after playing in the snow and the opportunity to eat marshmallows, he was willing to try "warm chocolate".

Highlights from this weekend:

Buddy got a haircut. Billy thought this was the funniest thing in the world. Dogs getting haircuts. Really.

Billy was playing with a toy train made up of blocks. He pulled all of the blocks off of the base and announced, "The train is naked! Naked train, naked train!"


Daddy made stir fry for dinner. He refused to eat the chicken. He pulled out the chicken strips and put them on the table. "I no like squirrel," he said. He decided Daddy had cooked squirrel (to my knowledge Daddy has never cooked a squirrel.) We asked him where it came from. He informed us it was the squirrel from Grandpop's attic that we were eating. (See the Thanksgiving weekend 2012 post.)


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