Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2, 2012 ~ Drawn Furious

Well, normally I post a cartoon on Thursdays, but that requires thinking up something cute or funny that Billy did over the past week. I'm sure he did something funny or sweet, but nothing comes to mind.

See, this morning Billy absolutely refused to go to school. I tried brushing his teeth (we do every day) and that resulted in an epic meltdown over hating toothpaste, hating the toothbrush and then an utter refusal to let me rinse the toothpaste out of his mouth. Giving up resulted in him screaming and crying about wanting to brush his teeth.

Then I tried to put him in his coat. He refused. He bit me. He scratched me (and I've got the cut on my face to prove it). He kicked. He slapped me in the face multiple times. I realize I weigh more than he does (as Daddy often reminds me), but containing a ball of fury, regardless of size is near impossible.

So, since the fight was over putting on the coat, I gave up. Sure, it was below freezing this morning. So I grabbed a warm blanket of his, wrapped up the ball of fury as best I could, threw him over my shoulder and took him out to the car. Boy, he didn't like that.

He screamed the whole way to school about NOT wanting his blanket. Meanwhile, he clung with all of his might to that very same blanket. I can't win.

But he got to school and settled down.

So, after I settle down and think up something awesome, I will post a cartoon. (Well, it's just toddler being toddler, and it's all in a day of a mom, but my brain refuses to find the cutest thing he did this week. I come up with it tonight when he does something terribly cute and that ball of fury seems like some other terror toddler).

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