Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 29, 2012 ~ A Trip to Grandpop's

I might have to start writing "PeePop" instead of Grandpop. Billy has taken to calling him that.

Anyway, we went to Grandpop's to do Christmas a few days late. Billy got his present from Grandpop and Nana:

So, now he has his Big Red Racecar AND a motorcycle.


Saturday morning started out with Billy screaming at 6am about a dinosaur in our guest room at Grandpop's. Not out of fear, mind you. Nope, he was excited about the dinosaur and wanted to play with it. After futile attempts to get him back to sleep, I gave up and got up with him. As it turns out, the dinosaur was just Daddy's feet in the blanket on our bed. Boy, Daddy has some big feet, huh?

Morning time was presents and playing in the kitchen with Grandpop while he cooked breakfast. Lots of children have played on the floor in that kitchen waiting for breakfast. I did. Grandpop did. His father did and even one more generation did too. Grandpop made bacon and eggs. I bet all six generations ate bacon and eggs in that kitchen.

Billy woke up from his nap screaming about a tiger coming to get him. He was terrified. It could have just been a bad dream, but while he was napping a squirrel happened to get into the attic and was running amok up there. I suspect he was hearing the squirrel in the attic.

He and Daddy went hunting for the squirrel, but they never did find it. We told Billy that the squirrel went home. He was obsessed with the squirrel in the attic. But, it was a good thing that the squirrel got in, because apparently it chased away that mean old tiger. By the way, it was a green tiger, according to Billy.


Grandpop was kind enough to offer to let Daddy and myself go out to the movies after Billy went to bed. We wanted to see the Hobbit. But, since Billy got me up at 6am, I fell asleep long before the movie ever started and we never made it. Someday, and someday soon, we hope to make it to the theater. Together. To see a movie. It's a little dream we have.

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