Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Circo Peg Puzzle Review

I can't find an online link, but Circo's wooden peg puzzles are available at Target. We have the pet edition. (Peg puzzles are the flat shapes with peg attached to the top and fit into a board with matching shapes).

It's rare to hear me say this, but I absolutely hate this toy. I am convinced it is possessed by the devil. No really, it's possessed.

Our son loves peg puzzles and seems to like this one too. But, it makes sounds when you lift the pieces up and is light sensitive. The sounds are the cheapest, worst animal sounds you can imagine, barely sounding like the animal it is supposed to represent. And it goes off randomly. Once something sets it off it can go off for hours. It's truly possessed.

While I love learning toys, this is not the one to buy. Stick to battery-free puzzles, or take out the battery in this one!

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