Monday, August 6, 2012

August 5, 2012 ~ The Cleaning Hat and Sulky Sailor

Saturday ~

We took Billy for a little boat ride. We were trying to teach him how to pronounce the name of the boat "Solstice". It came out "sulky". He wasn't terribly thrilled with the idea of going out on the boat if he didn't get to drive, so he really was the sulky sailor.

Sunday ~

Boy did the house need to be cleaned. So after playing outside for an hour in the morning, I brought him inside to the air conditioning after it started to get really hot outside. Then, I suggested that we put our cleaning hats on and get to business.

So, Billy thought that we actually needed to wear hats to clean. Yep. So there I am in a beach hat scrubbing away and Billy in his frog hat supervising. Well, whatever gets him to help, right?

I brought out the Evil Dreaded Vacuum too. Did you know that it's gay? According to Billy it's gay. And purple. But if you ask him what color it is, he'll say it's gay.

Billy hates EDV. "No on, Mommy. No on!" I was only allowed to vacuum if Billy was up in my arms so that EDV couldn't eat his toes off. Even when I moved it when it was off he started shrieking and ran into the other room for safety. (And this is why I don't vacuum when he's awake). It's not easy to vacuum with a toddler in your arms. I had to use my feet in a series of awkward dances to move the cord around.

But, the house got cleaned and we got to take our hats off. I had hoped to reward him with a trip to the pool, but Mother Nature stepped in. So, he got fruit loops instead.

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