Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 31, 2013 ~ Why is in time out

That's it! I've declared it. Why is going into time out. No more whys, no more wherefores. You cannot say why.

Why, you ask?

Uh, uh. You broke the rule. Why is in time out. 5 more minutes of no why. And you can't ask why.

Well, what did why ever do to you? you might ask.

Fine. What is not in time out, so I guess I'll answer that one.

Why has been bugging me for months. It keeps randomly popping out of my toddler's mouth all day long, hundreds of them every day. Why is getting pretty annoying. I've asked why to stop asking random why questions, but does why ever listen? No. So, time out for not listening.

So, carry on. I'll let you know when why is out of time out (if ever).

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