Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 7, 2013 ~ Lice

Billy doesn't have lice (we hope). But someone in his class does. They never say which kid, which in a way is good, but I feel like I need to be even more concerned and vigilant if it's a friend. Billy tells me it's his best friend from school. Crap.

Not that I can fully trust what he says, he is only two after all.

But I'm going to assume he's right and go from there.

I honestly don't remember having lice, if I ever did. I have always had long hair- longer when I was a kid. I haven't asked Grandma yet, but I'm guessing I never had lice. I know it's common and not a big deal except as a contagion and annoyance, but I have no experience with these little suckers.

Chiggers? Ticks? Mosquitoes? Malaria-carrying mosquitoes? Yes, I have experience with all of those (no, I haven't had malaria but I can tell you horror stories about the preventative medication).

Now lice.

So the first thing I did was send Daddy off to the store to buy chemicals. And then I washed all of the sheets. I checked Billy's hair, but just wasn't sure.

When Daddy came home with the kit I went through Billy's hair with the fine-toothed comb. Not really seeing anything. Phew! But, I just feel like they are lurking. And I itch just thinking about it.

So, I went to my Mommy resources for help. I olive oiled Billy's hair per recommendation and sent him off to bed that way. Fingers crossed that those little suckers really do hate olive oil.

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  1. Hey! There is a product that you can buy to spray in his hair before he goes to school that rrepels lice. I always keep it at our house and spray the kids liberally if I ever hear of lice! It is called Fairy Tales and I am sure you can get it at a hair salon near you somewhere. GOOD LUCK!