Friday, August 23, 2013

August 22, 2013 ~ Ravens (in person)!!!

Okay, normally Thursday is Drawn In Thursdays, but since we had something special going on I'm just going to post about that.

Billy got to attend his first ever football game. Okay, so the Ravens lost. I mean, got trampled. I mean, played like they've never played before. (Literally, like they've never thrown a football before). But, we had a good time anyway.

Things Billy liked (in no particular order):

The fireworks (they were too loud, though)
The band (horns are shiny)
The music (let's dance!)
The flippy seats (because they flip, of course)
PeePop's peach iced tea (ooh, yummy)
French fries with ketchup (do I really need to explain?)
The giant flags (You know, the ones that they run across the field after a touchdown?)
Purple soap (Because everything the Ravens do is purple, duh)
The helicopter (ooh, it flies)
The overhead camera and wires (engineering, it's cool, okay?)
The helmets (they're for safety, Mom)

And the thing Billy enjoyed most at the game?

The cheerleaders. (Well, he is a boy...)

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