Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4, 2013

I'm not going to title this post. The date is the title.

Billy started his holiday by decorating his little red race car. I wasn't sure if we would actually put him in the parade, but at least we could be ready for it. We decorated it with stars and flag stickers that I made. He was very excited to decorate the car.

"Do you want to be in the parade?"

"Yes. What's a parade?"

The parade is a collection of kids on bikes, golf carts and old cars all decorated for the Fourth.

It was a scorcher. So I had Billy wait in the shade a the top of the hill and join the parade half way along the route. The car is so slow I didn't think it would make it up the hill.

Well, he stole the show. He waved like the Queen of England at the onlookers. I tried to get him to pull over to watch the rest of the parade, but parading was serious business to him. He kept going past the route and I had to get him to stop and join the post parade festivities.

There were Popsicles and turtle races and tug of war. He was very intent on all of the activities, which happened to take place during nap time. Consequently, he was asleep before we got home.

As tradition goes, after nap it was off to a cookout. That was followed by a boat ride to watch fireworks. Although to be honest, he was bored with the boat because he couldn't run around.

Happy Fourth of July!

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