Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 23, 2013 ~ A Night Out

Billy and Daddy went for a boys night out. This was because I was having a ladies Night In at the house, and well, the boys weren't invited.

I actually have no idea what they did or where they went. They got home after the end time of the party, although there were still plenty of guests around. Billy was a little shocked by all of the ladies.

He and Daddy went into Billy's room to try to go to sleep. Of course, I still have a baby monitor in his room, so I could here a few things.

"Daddy, those womans are loud!"

I guess we were keeping him awake with our yammering. (Yes, he says womans and not women.)

This morning he got up and was looking for all of the guests. We told him they had gone. "Mommy, there were a lot of womans here. A lot." He gave me a serious look.

I guess a room full of women can be pretty scary. Especially, when it's a Scary Mommy party. ;)

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