Friday, July 19, 2013

July 18, 2013 ~ Lil Backseat Driver

Mommy, it's yellow. Slow down. Slow down, Mommy! [sees a yellow exit sign on the highway]

Mommy, it's green. Go Mommy, Go! Too slow, Mommy. You gotta go! [said just as the light turns green with a bunch of cars in front of us still stopped]

Stop! Mommy, stop! It's red, you gotta stop! [sees a red store sign on the sign of the road]

Mommy, you're driving too fast. Too fast Mommy. [said while doing the speed limit, which is apparently too fast for that road]

Hold the wheel, Mommy. You're not holding the wheel. You gotta hold the wheel! [said while I had one hand on the wheel at a stoplight]

Sigh. My lil backseat driver. He now knows what the lights mean and insists on directing my driving from his carseat, even if he's wrong about the rules (like turning into oncoming traffic, because it's green, which means go.)

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