Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So behind...

I am busier than ever with life, work and toddler.

With my mobile device refusing to post to Blogger it's making it difficult for me to stay on top of posts. Daddy is in constant use of the main computer at home for school work, making my ability to post at home all but impossible. My laptop was once owned by a Roman, who got it from a T-Rex, so there's not much hope there.

I do promise to try to get back to regular posting.

Here's some highlights of what you missed:

~ Billy is refusing to sleep. Welcome to the Terrible Threes. Just like the Twos, only that much worse. We're pushing back his bedtime a bit to help him sleep.

~ We've instituted a positive rewards system. After some epic battles of will, we're finally getting him to do what he's told when there's a golden prize at the end. That would be gummi bears. Haribo Gold-Bears to be exact. And he will do anything to win another. So far so good.

~ Billy and Cub went to the pool together. They had a fabulous time. Billy showed off his ability to go under water a bazillion times without any issue. Show off. My heart stops every time he does it.

And that's about it. We've had a slow week to report, even though I was very busy. But with being sick last week and playing catch up this week, that's how it goes.

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