Monday, March 18, 2013

The Sunday Post- I Want A Dress!

Imagine for a moment that you are two. You're two, so you love shiny things and bright colors. You're two, so you love lots of decorations. You're two, so you have no concept of gender. Now, imagine being two and walking into a store to buy an Easter outfit.

For the girls there are beautiful dress in vibrant colors or pastels. Each one has more decoration than the next. The have glitter, iridescence, bows, embroidery, jewels and lots of other frills.

For the boys they have jeans to match either plaid dress shirts or rugby shirts, or polos with plaid shorts. Whomp, whomp.

And now imagine that you are two AND a boy. Imagine that sinking feeling when you realize that girls get all the cool colors and all of the fun shiny stuff. And you're a boy, so you're not allowed and you don't understand why because gender means nothing to you.

Billy wants an Easter dress.

Okay, stop right there. I'm not buying him a dress even if he wailed about it (and he did). Yes, I made him a pink hat because he asked for one and pink is his favorite color. But, no. I won't be buying him a dress.

However, this is where I launch into a tirade at the kids clothing manufacturers. The only places I have ever been able to find decent holiday garb for a boy have been in the boutique shops. No, I don't want my little boy to look like a girl. But I would like him to look festive.

Hoodies for Christmas?

Jeans for Easter???

What kind of example are we setting for our young men if this is the height of fashion to aspire to? That dressing up means hoodies and jeans? Those are great for the playground. But where are the holiday vests, the sweet little sweaters, the seersucker suits?

I'm not talking dressing little boys up like they are ready for a drag show. But what about some frills for the boys? Why not?

I have half a mind to start making my own clothes for my son, just so he can have some simple, yet elegant detailing that he desires.

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