Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012 ~ Everyone's Doing It...Voting!

Everyone's doing it...voting!

And Billy voted too. Well, he helped Mommy. We went up to our local polling place with Daddy first thing this morning and stood in line for our opportunity to participate in democracy.

I tried to explain to Billy about how we're going to pick between two men to be our next leader. Then Daddy told him we were picking between Elmo and Mickey Mouse. Which did he prefer? Billy chose to remain silent on that question. It's a tough choice, and neither one is wrong, it's just a matter of preference.

He was very patient waiting. It was a big day- a big opportunity. And there were lions. Roar! Yep. The lobby of the polling place was decorated with lions. That helped with the boredom.

It's never too early to take an interest in politics. In fact, this isn't Billy's first time voting. He voted two years ago. I have proof:

(Billy, voting, at 4 weeks old)

And here's the proof from today:

And now it's like Christmas Eve, waiting to find out what we'll unwrap tomorrow. Billy won't care, but at least he gets participation points!

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