Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12, 2012 ~ Free Range Toddler: Day 2

What's that jingling sound I hear? are Santa's elves early?


Those would be the tinkling of little bells attached to some toys in Billy's room. Huh. It's WAY past bedtime. Why are the toys moving around of their own accord?

Maybe because a sneaky little toddler brought a bunch of toys into bed with him and was up late playing with them. Yep, that's probably why.

At least bedtime hasn't been an issue like naptime. *Fear*

This morning? He forgot he was in a big boy bed and cried and cried for me to come and get him. Daddy fetched him, since I'm all sickly and stuff (thank you daycare plague- yet again).

So far, not too bad. But what will today bring???

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