Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 18, 2012 ~ A Lesson in Gravity

We have one of those "self-closing" baby gates. I hate it. It won't stay open. And, seeing as Billy is not always awake, not always home, and not always in that room, I'd like to leave it open at times.

But it's self-closing. And locking.

So, we have a brass door stop in the shape of a kitty cat. It was Grandma's. She didn't need it. It was in her way. Now it holds open the baby gate. Yay!

Well, we've been working on leaving the gate open. Billy is pretty good on the steps. Not perfect. But pretty good. So, I'm trying to get him used to the gates not being there. They're like  security blanket for him, though.

So, when I leave the gate open at the bottom of the steps, he gets upset and insists that we close the gate. He likes to take this task upon himself. And for good reason.

He gets to go pet the kitty cat. Now, we don't have a real cat, but this is our cat. The one that stands sentinel over the steps. And me moves it onto the steps so it can continue to stand guard while the gate is closed.

Me? I move it to the side. But he likes it on the steps. Whatever.

Well, today he was again insisting that the gate be closed. He picked up the cat by the neck and lifted it to the first step. Unfortunately, he missed and let go at the same time.

That heavy old brass door stop came crashing down on his foot.

(Now entering slow motion mode)

I see it drop. He suddenly starts to cry. And he starts dancing around like a looney toon character on one foot whose had his foot crush.

I'm going to be honest. It was funny. Not him being hurt or upset. The dancing. It was hysterical. Comical. But I didn't laugh. No, no. But it was really funny.

I paused for just a second to see the humor in his dance before scooping him up and coddling him. Poor baby.

Keep in mind, that the brass cat isn't very heavy, and it only fell about 4-5 inches onto his socked foot. He was shocked more than hurt.

I still examined both of his feet and gave him kisses on his toes to make it better.

Then we had a lesson in gravity.

"Kitty Cat is heavy. When you drop something heavy on your foot it hurts."

"Mommy. Kitty heavy. I hava booboo toe. No drop kitty."

Well, I think he's got it.

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