Friday, August 3, 2012

August 2, 2012 ~ Potty Hijinks

So, there we are after dinner and Billy says that he wants to use the potty. This, of course, is a big break- him wanting to use the potty. It probably has more to do with him wanting the treat that comes after.

So, I sit him on the potty. This time, unlike last month, he insists on a bare bottom. No more practice runs- we're on to the real deal.

So, he sits. And he sits. He scrunches up his face hoping that will do something. Gives the boy parts a tug to try to get something out. Nope. Nothing.


Nope. He only gets a cookie if he does something in the toilet. That's the rule. Farts count. False alarms don't count. And I remind him of this.

He thinks about it some more. Scrunches up his face. Still nothing.

There we are with him sitting on the potty and me holding him up, Billy all deflated by his lack of production. Then he puts his head down (I think he's taking a good look at the boy parts) and suddenly spits into the toilet.

He looks up at me, excited. "Cookie?"

"It has to come out of your bum."

He points at the spit floating in that lovely pool of toilet water, "Cookie?"

To reward him or not to reward him? Is ingenuity worth a reward? "Okay, go get a cookie. But no more spit." Put a win in the toddler column.

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