Monday, February 6, 2012

February 5, 2012 ~ Dreams and Nightmares

Yesterday morning began with Billy crying in his crib. "Bye bye, Bud Bud!" He kept screaming over and over. I couldn't get him to settle down until I called Buddy into the nursery and showed Billy that Buddy was still with us. As soon as Buddy left the room to go wait by his food bowl Billy started screaming again, "Bye bye, Bud Bud!" Even when I let Buddy outside in the morning Billy screamed for his Buddy. It was any time Buddy went out of sight. He must have had a bad dream about Buddy and couldn't shake it when he woke. It took over an hour for Billy to settle down and understand that Buddy wasn't leaving us.

When Billy woke up from his nap, much happier than in the morning, it was snowing. Big, fat flakes. I opened the door so he could watch through the storm door as they fell down and covered the driveway. He wanted to go outside, but it was very wet out and didn't seem like such a good idea.

I, however, did have to go out in the weather and run an errand. When I got back I found Billy in his wagon and Buddy hooked up to the front of it in a makeshift harness pulling the wagon around. Daddy thought this was quite funny and Billy was having an excellent time. Buddy was no worse for wear, but I unhooked him from the wagon and he ran off with a toy for some baby-free time.

Billy spent most of Sunday with Daddy. I had to go out of town for a baby shower, so I was around in the morning but I was getting ready. I stayed to put him down for a nap but then I was off. While I was gone Grandpop and Uncle Alex stopped in, but I wasn't back yet.

The biggest thing to happen today was that Daddy had put goop in Billy's hair so I had to wash it out. I opted for the shower since in the bath he would have to sit in the water with the washed out goop. Daddy didn't think about whether or not his adult hair product would be good for baby. Fortunately, it wasn't on his head for very long. Anyway, I took him in the shower to wash it out.

When we were getting out of the shower Billy slipped and fell. It's one of those things where I was right there. But he waiting until I was reaching for the towel to slip and in that slit second hit his head. Of the thousand times a day I catch him when he falls, he has to wait until we're on tile for me to miss. He went bum first, so it wasn't a full fall, but he has a small lump on his head.

I've been watching him neurotically all evening for any dizziness, changes in behavior and sleepiness. But, of course, it was close to bedtime when he fell, so one would assume he would be tired anyway. And when your toddler does new and different behaviors every day it's hard to know what's normal and what's abnormal, especially since I wasn't with him all day. He's not showing any signs of trauma, but I've been waking him up every hour on the hour anyway to make sure.

We did contemplate going to the hospital, but since he seemed normal we're just watching him at home. Kids fall down, it's part of growing up. So while the hyper Mommy chip in my brain is causing me to go into panic mode, I'm trying to let reason take over instead. A small scrape isn't worth pandemonium and a small fall calls for caution not calamity.

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